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Early Direct Deposit

Get paid sooner when you set up direct deposit to your Clackamas account! We process direct deposits, including payroll, when we receive notification of the deposit¹. This means your money could be in your account days earlier than before.

What are the benefits of Early Direct Deposit?

We all know the routine of picking up our paychecks and hustling to our closest branch, just to make that deposit. While we love to see you, Early Direct Deposit helps you skip these steps and puts your money in your account sooner.


Move past the paper check. Direct deposits are a secure way to make sure your deposits are made on time, every time.


Signing up is easy and can typically be done with you employer or other benefits provider.


You may be able to split your deposit between multiple accounts, helping build your savings easily and automatically.

Already have direct deposit?

Then you’re all set! This benefit will automatically be applied to your incoming direct deposits on the first business day we receive notification from your payor.

Want to start direct deposit?

Ask your employer or other payor to direct deposit your check into your Clackamas Federal Credit Union account. You’ll need your account number, and our routing number, which is 323274885.

Answers for your questions.

When your employer, the Social Security office, the IRS, or other payors makes an Electronic Funds Transfer to your account, they begin by submitting files to the Federal Reserve to let them know how much money to deposit. The Federal Reserve then tells your financial institution how much to pay, who to pay, and on what date. With Early Direct Deposit, Clackamas can release funds when we receive the notification, meaning your funds could be available several days sooner in your account.

Early Direct Deposit is free to all Clackamas members.

Any incoming credit Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) deposits. This could include payroll, Social Security benefits, tax refunds, and more if you’ve set them up for direct deposit.

You can set up your direct deposits to any of your Clackamas checking or savings accounts. Some employers or payors may even allow you to break up one deposit into multiple accounts.

Because we are now able to deposit your funds on the business day that we receive notification of the pending deposit, it’ll be pretty rare that you’ll see pending deposits in digital banking. All debits will still show as pending like they have before.

If you were expecting a direct deposit that never arrived to your account, we suggest contacting the business or benefits provider that the deposit was coming from to check the following:

  • The date the deposit was initiated, and the date the deposit was intended to post to your account.
  • Is our routing number correct on your deposit? Our routing number is 323274885.
  • Is your Clackamas account number correct? You can find this number on the bottom of your Clackamas checks or on the membership card you received when you joined the credit union.

We will process the deposit into your account on the first business day that we receive notification of the deposit. If the initial notification comes on a non-business day, the funds will be deposited into your account on the following business day.

The actual date of deposit is controlled by the payor and may vary from pay period to pay period. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to keep your automatic transfers and other payments scheduled for the actual pay dates of your deposits. Overdraft and nonsufficient funds fees charged because your deposit didn’t arrive early will be considered your responsibility if the withdrawal was initiated before your actual deposit date.

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