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From time to time, Clackamas may send you text messages to alert you of important information. This will never include a link or a code that you were not expecting to receive.

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Digital Business Banking

Business Digital Banking

Managing your money has never been easier. With Digital Banking, you can access your accounts, make payments, transfer funds, build a budget, and more from your favorite devices. 

Enhanced features for your business.

With Digital Banking, you have what you need for your business in one, easy-to-use platform. It’s easy to set up multiple users and assign specific account and transaction permissions to help keep your business running smoothly.

Built-in tools made for your business.

Our new built-in tools make it easy to keep your business running. With Digital Business Banking, you can access customized reports for your accounts and new ACH tools, making process payments and payroll easier.

Your own, personal experience.

Fully customize your Digital Business Banking experience by choosing which tools and widgets you want easy access too, color coding accounts, creating nicknames, and more. In a hurry? You can view your balance on your mobile phone without logging in with the snapshot feature.

Your account wherever you go.

With Digital Banking, you can access your account wherever you go. Download our mobile app for your smartphone, or enable the app on your Apple Watch and Android Wear devices.

Apple users: Click here to visit the Apple App Store.

Android users: Click here to visit Google Play.

Helpful tips and tricks.

Check out our short tutorial videos below to help you navigate our new Digital Business Banking system! Included below is a video playlist for all of our tutorial videos.

Prefer to pick individual ones to watch? Included below are tutorials for hiding and un-hiding accounts, updating contact information, and setting up Snapshot (within the mobile app). By clicking the blue button below you can see the full list of individual tutorial videos. Additional FAQs regarding Digital Business Banking can be found in the section below the blue button.

Want to learn more tips and tricks? Click the button below to find a list of all of our tutorial videos.

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Answers for your questions.

To log in for the first time, you will need to enter your current username and a calculated password consisting of the first 5 digits of your SSN/TIN/EIN and your zip code.

One of the new features we are excited to share with members is the ability to view Digital Banking in Spanish. To update your language preference scroll to the bottom of Digital Banking and click the gray “Español” bar. A window will open asking to confirm the preference change. Once confirmed the system will refresh and the translations will be in place. Clicking the gray bar again will change the language back to English.

Our mobile app is designed to use the preferred/primary language that is set on the mobile device. To change the language that is reflected in our mobile app go to your device settings and update your device language.

To view reward point balances and redeem your points click and view the Clackamas Rewards widget. From there you can view your point balance, see pending points, and how many points have been redeemed. Additionally you can click the button to go to our redemption website to view reward options and redeem accumulated points.

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