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The tellers at Clackamas all know me and know my children. They’re so sweet, every person there.

Amora, member for 7 years

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We have safe deposit boxes located at our Canby, McLoughlin, Oregon City, and Willamette View branches. For rental availability and rates, call (503) 656-0671 or email [email protected].

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Let us know if your address has changed. Fill out the form online, then send us the completed form by email ([email protected]), in person at your nearest branch, or by mail:

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Answers for your questions.

Look at the string of numbers along the bottom of one of your checks. The routing number for Clackamas Federal Credit Union is the first nine numbers on the left.
Your account number is also included in this string of numbers. If you don’t recognize your account number right away, here’s how to find it:
  1. Circle the first nine digits on the left, so you won’t get our routing number confused with anything else. Also, cross out any special characters.
  2. Find the check number on the top right-hand corner of the check. Next, locate this number within the string of digits on the bottom, and draw a line through it. There might be a zero before the check number. Cross that out, too.
  3. Look at the numbers you have left. These are your account number. If you see any zeroes before or after it, please include them as part of your account number.

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