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Business Loans

At Clackamas, we’re committed to providing dynamic lending solutions for our business members. We offer fast approval and custom products that are tailored to fit your needs. Whether you’re aiming to expand or refinance, we’ve got your back.

Business Vehicle Loan

Enjoy flexible terms that are customized to fit the needs of your business. Clackamas offers 100% financing for qualified borrowers with competitive rates for a fixed term.

Commercial Real Estate

We can finance almost any type of investment property, including owner- and non-owner-occupied, amortized up to 25 years. Planning a purchase, expansion, or remodel? We’ve got you covered. You can even refinance your existing Commercial Real Estate loan. Competitive rates. No pre-payment penalties.

Line of Credit

Power your cash flow with fast, easy access to funds, and enjoy knowing that your payments to vendors and suppliers will arrive on time. A business line of credit is the perfect tool for seasonal purchases, inventory, payroll, or short-term working capital. Enjoy low floating rates, annual maturities, personalized service, and instant online transfers that you control.

Clackamas did an amazing job! From the minute that I submitted my application online it was seamless and smooth. I was in complete and utter amazement and happiness, once we received word that we would be funded! We are so thankful for this loan!

Vicki, Two Chicks and a Rooster Catering & BBQ

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Answers for your questions.

How you’ve handled your finances in the past helps us understand what to expect in the future. That’s why a good score can help you qualify for a better interest rate.

That said, your credit score is only one consideration in the lending process. Other considerations include your income, your monthly payment obligations and the loan term you select.

At Clackamas, we’ll work with you to understand your entire financial profile to ensure you get the loan and the rate that’s right for you.

Yes. Your regular monthly payment is a combination of principal and interest. If you want to make a payment  exclusively on your principal balance, you can include money in addition to your regular monthly payment and designate it as a principal payment. We design our loans to make this easy, should you want to do so. By making extra principal payments, you can pay off your loans sooner and save money on interest.

You can read more about Visa Account Updater here.

Yes, you can! To learn more about Mobile Wallet, click here.

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