Down Payment Lowdown

Let me start the inaugural post of In the Weeds with Lee by addressing a misconception from Annelle’s latest blog, “Avocado Toast and the Millennial Mortgage.”  You don’t need a college degree to purchase a home. You probably will need a down payment and Annelle is right – it is easier than you think to get into that first home. There … Read more

Avocado Toast and the Millennial Mortgage

Avocado Toast and the Millennial Mortgage

Can you have your avocado toast and your own home too? You’re a millennial, you’re out of school and you have the job. Now you’re looking in to adulting even further by buying your first house. Can you do it without having to give up the morning coffee at the local hip spot and the delicious avocado toast with the … Read more

Mortgage insurance 101

Mortgage Insurance 101

What is Mortgage Insurance? Mortgage Insurance (MI) is an insurance policy that protects lenders when there is less than 20% equity in a property. With this insurance, if a borrower defaults or fails to pay their mortgage, the lender will not suffer the complete loss. Rather, the lender shares the loss with the mortgage insurer. You pay for the MI … Read more

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