How does Public Health impact you?

Poor health comes at a significant cost to all Clackamas County residents, but research shows investing in public health and prevention makes a big difference in saving lives and saving money. Public Health’s role is to improve the health of residents by working to create environments for people to be healthy.

Raising Awareness

Clackamas Federal Credit Union is raising awareness of the variety of contributions the Clackamas County Public Health Division makes in communities:

Communicable Disease Nurses

Approximately 2,000 confidential reports of infectious disease outbreaks are reported annually in Clackamas County, that’s five people falling ill every day to preventable diseases!  In order to prevent further transmission, Communicable Disease Nurses investigate sources of disease, educate, provide medication, manage cases, and implement infection control measures.  

Environmental Health

Health inspectors ensure that we can eat at 872 clean restaurants in Clackamas County without concern of getting sick from unsafe food handling practices.

Dental Access

Over seven county-wide dental screenings in the last year have been conducted in partnership with Northwest Family Services, Compassion Connect, OHSU School of Dentistry and Clackamas Dental Society.  Over 350 adults have been screened and 114 have received urgent dental treatment through Kaiser Permanente and Medical Teams International.

Healthy Eating Active Living Grants

Approximately 13,400 county residents benefit from new walking paths, community gardens, a disc golf course, and fitness and nutrition education. Over 8,280 pounds of fresh, local produce was harvested from grantee gardens in 2012 and distributed to the community thereby increasing food security.


91.5% of two year-old children in Clackamas County are vaccinated against polio disease, a crippling, disfiguring disease which still persists in parts of the world where vaccine is scarce or not available. Because of these high rates of protection, polio disease is virtually eradicated in the United States.

Public Health Nurses

Public Health Nurses made 910 home visits to 307 moms in Clackamas County in 2012. Nurses provide medical care, help expecting moms prepare for their babies, stay healthy during their pregnancy, assist moms after birth, and monitor babies’ growth and development. Public Health Nurses also coordinate care with medical providers for infants and children with special health care needs.

School Based Health Centers

Almost 15,000 students in Clackamas County have access to affordable physical, mental, and preventive health services in schools.  School Based Health Centers provide care to children and adolescents who otherwise wouldn’t receive.  The health centers at Canby, Estacada, Milwaukie, Oregon City and Sandy High Schools save students and parents’ time by reducing missed hours from class and work.

Tobacco Prevention & Education Program

Families can recreate in 51 smoke-free parks in Clackamas County which, decreases exposure to more than 7,000 cancer causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke and protect everyone from adverse health effects.  Children exposed to secondhand smoke are at an increased risk for acute respiratory infections, ear problems and more severe asthma.

Nutrition and Health Screening
Program for Women, Infants & Children

The WIC Program served 4,194 families in 2012 by providing nutrition education, health and community referrals, and vouchers to purchase nutritious foods. Over $4,000,000 WIC dollars were spent at local retailers and $67,664 went to local farmers through Farmers Markets and Roadside Stands.

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