Easy Access.

Out and about? Traveling? Accessing your Clackamas account is easier than ever with the 6,800 Shared Branch network and the 30,000 nationwide Co-Op ATM network. So go ahead... adventure awaits.

Shared Branching

Accessing your account has never been easier. By using shared branching, your accounts stay at Clackamas, but you can access them at 6,800 other credit union branches nationwide. So no matter where you are, Clackamas is as close as the nearest CU Services Center location.

Why you’ll love Shared Branching:
  • Convenient, nationwide access to your account
  • Deposit, withdrawal, or transfer away from home
  • It’s free! 

Co-op ATM Network

Most credit unions feature Co-op network ATMs that Clackamas members can use free of charge! This means no fee from us, and no fee from them. In addition, stop in for a Slurpee at 7-11 and you’ll see Co-op network ATM/CU Service Center Kiosk in the store.  With your Clackamas card it’s free, free, free! Make withdrawals, and deposits!

Why you’ll love the Co-op Network:
  • 30,000 free nationwide ATMs to use
  • Peace of mind knowing your money is available when you need it,
    where you need it
  • Withdrawals up to $500 per day
For more information on finding a Shared Branch or Co-op network ATM, visit www.cuswirl.com, or call (888) 287-9475.